Dog Appreciation Day

August 26, 2016 all-day

August 26 is Dog Day or Dog Appreciation Day, a day to appreciate your best friend on four legs.

Dog Appreciation Day Fun Church

Give your furry friend a big hug and their favorite treat.

Founded in 2004 by pet and family lifestyle expert and animal behaviorist, Colleen Paige, the day honors dogs for all that they do to enrich our lives and communities. The holiday also aims to raise awareness about dog adoption and the importance of providing rescue dogs with a safe and loving environment.

Man’s Best Friend

Often known as man’s best friend, dogs were the first animals to be domesticated by humans and were often used for guarding property, herding stock and for hunting. Today, dogs are used as companions and are considered to be a member of the family in many parts of the world.

The unofficial holiday is also sometimes called World Dog Day, National Dog Appreciation Day or International Dog Day.

How to Celebrate?

  • Adopt a dog and give it a loving home.
  • If you have a dog, treat them with their favorite treats.
  • If you are unable to have a dog in your family, celebrate the day by donating your time and money to the local animal and dog shelter.

Did You Know…

…that Dalmatians are born without any spots? Their characteristic spots appear as they grow older.

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