Talk Like Yoda Day

May 21, 2019 all-day

Talk like Yoda Day it is on May 21. The day honors the popular Star Wars character whose grammar is any language teacher’s worst nightmare.

Talk-Like-Yoda-Day-Church Like Yoda talk you must on May 21, Talk Like Yoda Day. ©

Like Yoda talk you must on May 21, Talk Like Yoda Day.

Yoda, is a fictional Star Wars character created by George Lucas. Known as the oldest wisest and most powerful Jedi in the Star Wars universe, Yoda made his debut appearance in The Empire Strikes Back, which was released in the United States on May 21 1980. He has since appeared in over 50 films and TV shows.

While many of the Star Wars characters have a background story, much of Yoda’s background is a mystery. No one knows where he comes from or what species he belongs to.

Yoda has a peculiar style of speaking. His language, Yodish is similar to English except the sentence structure follows the order of object-subject-verb instead of the usual subject-verb-object order that English speakers follow while constructing sentences.

It is believed that the puppet used to play the character in the Star War movies was modeled after Einstein’s appearance.

The holiday is also sometimes known as National Talk like Yoda Day or International Talk like Yoda Day.

To celebrate how?

  • Yoda, talk like. Simple, it is. Add verb and subject at the end of your sentence in the order of object-subject-verb.
  • Have a Star Wars themed party and have your friends come up with their favorite Yoda quotes.
  • Do a Star Wars marathon.
  • Learn more about Yoda’s background and history – as much as is available.
  • Show off your Star Wars geek pride. Wear a Star Wars inspired costume or t-shirt the whole day long.

Did You Know…

… that there is a deep sea worm, named after Yoda? The Yoda purpurata can be found about 1.5 miles (2.4 km) below the surface of the Atlantic sea.

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