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How To Grow A Small Church

You know, Bruce, I’ve been in this church for 50 years, but over the past 20 years the number attending church has declined and we are getting older. If we keep on going at this rate it won’ t be long before we have to close the door. How can we increase the number of people attending our church?

Eric and Margaret – Together Forever

Margaret Radford passed away peacefully at home on April 30, 2008.

Eric Radford joined Margaret, his loving wife of 56 years, on August 6, 2008.

Volunteer of the Month

Sandy Ormiston at St. Stephen’s Church in Saanichton, off Mt. Newton X Road has been opening and closing the Church every day for over 25 years. Apparently there was some trouble with young people going into the church and using…

A Visitor Comments

On two occasions recently I have visited St. Stephen’s Church and churchyard.

The first time was with Shutterbugs, a photography club I belong to and the second time was with two friends from the club who were unable to come the first time.

On both occasions I was captivated by the beauty, simplicity, peacefulness of this magical place. The second time was Good Friday, a partially sunny day but quite chilly.

All Are Welcome

St Stephen’s welcomes you to the worship of God through the liturgy of the Anglican Church.

Like the early Church (Acts 2:42), we meet each Sunday to celebrate the Holy Eucharist.