A special prayer for our animal friends


Blessing of the Animals - St Stephen's Anglican ChurchGod of all creation,

at the beginning of time

you gave us all the creatures of the earth to be our helpers.

And in your wisdom, these animals,

like all good things from you, became more than that.

They became our friends.


After our long hours away from home, working or wandering,

in their barks and wagging tails,

we see the joy that you, our Creator, must have

when one of your own returns to you.


In our times of sadness and loneliness,

when human relationships become strained and broken,

in their gentle caress and quiet purring,

we see the faithfulness that you, our Companion,

offer to all your people.


And when we have become numbed by stress, worry,

or boredom,

in their natural wonder and untamed majesty,

we see the awesome creativity that you, our Maker,

inspire us with that we may revel in the mystery of life.


We ask you then to bless these, our animal-friends,

that they may have a long and joyful life.

Keep them safe when we cannot be with them,

protect them from sickness and harm,

and heal their wounds.


When the end of their life comes,

grant them a peaceful death free of pain and suffering.

And bless us, too, their human-companions,

with your Holy Spirit

that we may care for them well

and be wise and gentle stewards of all your creatures.


We ask this in the name of your Son, Jesus,

who is Lord of all, for ever and ever.



… The Book of Blessings has a whole chapter devoted to blessing animals (Chapter 25). The blessing may be led by a priest, deacon, or lay person, as a liturgy on its own, or as part of a service.