Anglican diocese in ‘crisis’

Anglican Diocese of British ColumbiaThe global economic crisis hit car manufactures, slammed the housing market and now, not even God can escape its economic wrath.

The Anglican Diocese of B.C. is in “crisis” and planning “drastic action,” to make up for dwindling revenues, declining attendance and increased deficit within its parishes totalling about $1 million.

The economy and declining attendance is likely to blame.

The diocese includes 64 churches on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands, 26 in the Capital Region.

While there are more than 9,000 members on the islands, on average less than half that number attend weekly worship, down from about 5,000 regular attendees last year.

“The influx of people from other places who seek out Anglican chuches has diminished because it is part of the realities of the culture in which we live, that there’s at least one generation – maybe two generations of people – who really don’t care one way or another about religion,” said the Right Reverend James Cowan, bishop of the Anglican Diocese of B.C.

Several restructuring initiatives have already taken place. Operations on Thetis Island’s Camp Columbia have been suspended, and St. Alban’s church on Ryan Street in the Oaklands community closed its doors with a final service at the end of July.

Jeanette Muzio, member of the congregational development team will be meeting with diocese members to come up with a list of recommendations for further action.

These could include mergers, church closures and job reassignment in combined parishes.

By Lisa Weighton – Victoria News – Published: October 07, 2009 –

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  1. Diane R.
    November 18, 2009 at 7:15 pm

    To my brother and sister in Christ,

    I grew up in the Episcopal Faith and went to an Episcopal School before finishing University. It saddens me that so many have turned away from their Faith.

    If I might, I thought I would offer two heartfelt recommendations.

    Bold unceasing prayer, as with those of the past such as George Muller, Fanny Crosby, and presently Jim and Carol Cymbala of the Brooklyn Tabernacle, brings a wonderful, caring, and merciful Triune God into our midst whose love does answer prayer. Time and again.

    Getting back to Scripture and the Word. As Genesis tells us, Jesus ( the Word ) was with us before the beginning. Faith needs to make a ‘comeback’ and it can. The sin of unbelief is the plague and faith and belief can be found by getting back to the book God gave us. Scripture is fun and Scripture builds memory. It can be appealing to baby boomers if presented in the right way.

    I enjoy the richness and texture of the Anglican Faith and would like to see it expand. One parishioner at a time with a prayer in the heart and a Word on the tongue.

    May God richly bless you,

    In Jesus’ precious Almighty, powerful sweet Name,

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