Are People Shocked By Your Views On Heaven?

 “I find that often when I talk about this…preach to congregations and so on, you get some people who say, this is weird, this isn’t what I was taught in Sunday school, I’m not sure about this. Then other people who say, hey that’s really interesting because, I was reading that bit in the bible and I didn’t understand how it worked.

And now you’ve given me a framework that does make sense. So I get those two reactions and others in between. But I think particularly, people begin to realize, this makes sense of a lot of what the bible says about who we are here and now.

The being creatures of space and time and matter. It’s not a bad thing from which we should escape. This is God’s good world, but it’s phase one of a project that God is going to complete. So what we do in the present matters in terms of justice and mercy. In terms of holiness, in terms of all sorts of things. It all matters because God is going to renew it all.

He’s not going to throw it away.”