In This Broken World ©

Risen ChristIn this broken world where sin and death abound,
Enter Lord Jesus.
He comes as friend, healer, teacher, to surround
Our fears and distress.
In this broken world, hear the voice that is sound.

In a world with layers of deceit and hate,
Come to Lord Jesus.
He’ll calm you, transform you; your storm will abate.
Rely on Jesus.
For now is the time, though it’s never too late!

As troubles fly in and out, pray to Jesus.
Come Lord Jesus, come~
Lord Jesus. He yearns to intercede for us.
Don’t shy away from
His light. Open your heart without any fuss.

You’ll never regret His words and His friendship.
Let Light find your heart~
The Light of the world allows you to equip
Your path as you chart~
Charting along lines of a bountiful trip~

Washing over our Souls like waves in the sun,
Rays of Truth heal us.
Scorching through sin’s hardened layers, mercy spun,
Brings us to Jesus.
Through merky waters, we’re guided by the Son.

In this broken world, evil wants a foothold.
Enter Lord Jesus.
Come boldly through my heart as You shape and mold.
Sweet Savior Jesus~
Through an open gate l will enter Your fold.

My broken world may be much diff’rent than yours.
Loving Lord Jesus~
Longing for love, peace, joy, hope~ whose Spirit soars?
Spirit, soar for us~
Faithfully, we mature ent’ring Heaven’s doors.

In this broken world, His friendship’s meant for all.
Enter Friend Jesus.
The Savior, He’s a true friend to all who call.
Come Friend Jesus.
Come to Him for a friendship sure to enthrall.

In this broken world, His love is transforming.
Sweet Jesus, transform~
Humbling ourselves, His vision is affirming.
Sweet Jesus, reform~
Reform us with Light’s sharing and informing.
Sweet Jesus, transform

© by DFRaborn 21 January 2011

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