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Good Friday

Good Friday Inspired The Cross He carried Had bruised and battered His frail, thin body~ This cruel and bloody, Bleak day that mattered.

I’m Happy Today

I’m Happy Today – 3 year old sweetie.  I’m Happy Today I’m happy today, I’m happy today. In Jesus Christ I’m happy today Because He’s taken all my sins away And that’s why I’m happy today. I’m praying today, I’m…

God ’s Presence

God s Presence It is thrilling to feel the presence of God Nothing rivals the joy of moments filled with surety that God has captured our complete attention

This is the Expectation that is Advent

This is the Expectation that is Advent © by Diane Raborn
Sunday, November 30th, in the year of our Lord 2014, ushers in the start of Advent in our liturgical calendar.

It is a time of hope. expectation, and waiting. Intentionally and purposefully.

But, most significantly, with the childlike imagination and joy that radiates throughout this meaningful Season.

False Evidence Appearing Real ~

It’s a wonderful morning to be alive in God’s grace. And His grace is why we’re here. Christ tells us we will have trouble in this world.

Angel Voices ~

How many of us are able to recall select times when we know, actually know beyond a shadow of a doubt, those times when an inner voice has dictated a decision of immediate importance? My sister and I talked of these rare moments when the Holy Spirit dwelling in us changed a moment in time.

Messages From The Heart

the founder of St Stephen’s, William Thomson’s survival through perseverance and his determination to praise God with a dedication in 1862 in what is now British Columbia’s oldest Church.