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Finding your song in God’s story ~

A Devotional Essay by DFRaborn

What if we decide to reflect upon our lives from the standpoint of a screenplay in which God is the main character and our lives revolve around Him in order to be part of His divine plan? Our story inside His story, so to speak.

Quo Vadis, A Devotional Essay

Quo Vadis, A Devotional Essay. Saint Peter asks this question of his risen Lord on a road leading out of Rome.

“Break my Heart for What Breaks Yours, Lord”

A Devotion by D. Raborn on our Loving Shepherd page. Break my Heart for What Breaks Yours LordBill Hybel’s quote “the local Church is the hope of the World” proves now more important than in past generations. Bill is the pastor of Willow Creek Church in South Barrington, IL and a visionary of spreading the Gospel.

Men and women such as these ~

A Devotion by D. Raborn on our Loving Shepherd page. Devotions – Loving Shepherd – St Stephen’s Anglican Church. Today my devotion is about everyday people, men and women like us, who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances. I hope this reflection may also help us to express Christ’s way to those unbelievers who cross our paths.

Star Party at St Stephen’s Meadow

Come to St Stephen’s Church and view the wonders of our universe through large and small telescopes from the Royal Astronomical Society: Planets, Galaxies, Star Clusters, Nebulae and Stellar Nurseries.