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“Jesus is for Everyone”

Today, we celebrate the Epiphany. The word means “unveiling” or “revealing.” It commemorates the first exposure of Jesus to the world at large through the visit of the Magi or Wise Men. The whole season of Epiphany, from now until the beginning of Lent, focuses on the mission of God to reach out to all nations through Christ. So today, the theme of this sermon is “Jesus is for everyone.”

This is the Expectation that is Advent

This is the Expectation that is Advent © by Diane Raborn
Sunday, November 30th, in the year of our Lord 2014, ushers in the start of Advent in our liturgical calendar.

It is a time of hope. expectation, and waiting. Intentionally and purposefully.

But, most significantly, with the childlike imagination and joy that radiates throughout this meaningful Season.

Sermon – Nathan Mantey 12/29/13

“The Innkeeper’s Story”

They looked no different than a dozen other families I had already turned away that evening. How was I to know that they were special? That somehow she carried within her the Son of God? I mean, who knew?

Homily – Rev. Gil Shoesmith 12/08/13

Please pray with me: Heavenly Father, PLEASE, send your Holy Spirit upon all those gathered here today and demonstrate to us that You, God, are working in our midst and we pray that you would open our hearts and our minds to the concept that the Kingdom of Heaven IS at hand. In the Name of Jesus, AMEN.

Weekend retreat at St Mary’s and St Stephen’s

Sermon on the mount. Weekend retreat at St Mary’s and St Stephen’s. Our guest speaker at this special event was Bruce Smith wqho talked about our calling as disciples, as we follow Jesus.

Sermon – Rev Gil Shoesmith 09/01/13

The Necessity of Humility

Luke 14: 1; and vs. 7 – 14 One of the Bible commentaries I read entitles this passage: “The Necessity of Humility” It’s ironic: I simply do not feel qualified to talk on this topic. However, Jesus chose this particular illustration to emphasize an eternal truth: “he who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.”

Sermon – Rev Gil Shoesmith 07/14/13

Parable of the Good Samaritan

This most familiar parable of the Good Samaritan may be the easiest story in the Bible to discuss. Why belabor it? Well, it just might be the hardest one to live!!

Easter Sunday (Tri-homily) 03/31/13

Happy Easter, as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and his victory over sin and death. The sermon today is presented in three parts by The Reverend Robert Szo, our rector, by The Reverend Gil Shoesmith, our Deacon, and by Nathan Mantey, our Youth and Family worker.

Sermon – Rev Dr. George Sumner 03/24/13

The Rev. Dr. George Sumner, our guest preacher, is the Principal of Wycliffe College in Toronto. He has served as a parish priest and as a missionary in Africa and among the Navajo. Wycliffe College stands in the evangelical tradition of the Anglican church and has been preparing men and women for Christian ministry since 1877.

Sight and insight

When the British philosopher and atheist, Bertrand Russell, was asked what he would say if he died and found himself confronted by God, demanding to know why Russell had not believed in him, he responded, “Not enough evidence, God, not enough evidence!”