St Stephen’s Anglican Church held its first service and dedication on June 3rd, 1862 and recorded its first marriage on August 10th, 1863. The first known funeral took place in 1869. On January 20th, 1883 George Hill, Bishop of Columbia, was deeded the Church lands by way of a Certificate in Trust deed. The addition of a white painted picket fence round the cemetery which was completed early that year. The newly fenced cemetery was used for its first interment in 1883 according to the burial register.

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St Stephen’s Cemetery today (click image twice to enlarge)

Mary Anne Stritchens died in her tenth month and was buried on October 8th.  This of course was not the first funeral outside the little church. The first known date of a burial was that of another member of the pioneer Thomson family.  Young William aged nine was laid to rest in 1869.

The burials have expanded from that first in 1869 to well over five hundred in the 1990’s.

The original burials were scattered in an area directly in front of the church entrance. .

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St Stephen’s Cemetery today (click image twice to enlarge)

The pathways inside the churchyard were realigned from a north south attitude when the entrance was in the south boundary, to an east west attitude when a new entrance to the churchyard was established in the west boundary in the early 1880’s

New burials through the 1880’s and into the 1920’s filled up the area north of the present entrance.

The addition of land given by the Woodward family was a welcome and most needed gift when it was received in 1965.


Here’s Nancy Anderson on one of her cemetery tours talking about John Greig.



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