Alfred Hitchcock Day

March 12, 2016 all-day

March 12 is National Alfred Hitchcock Day, a day to celebrate the life, times and work of master filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock.

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Alfred Hitchcock directed over 50 movies over a span of 50 years.

It is not known why this date was chosen to commemorate Hitchcock, since it does not correspond to his birthday or the day he died.

A Long Career

Alfred Hitchcock’s prolific film-making career spanned half a decade – he began making movies in 1921 and made his last film, Family Plot in 1976. His unique cinematic style in the genre of psychological thrillers and suspense movies earned him the title of Master of Suspense.

In addition to making movies, Hitchcock created an hosted a television series called Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

How to Celebrate

  • Gather your friends and do a Hitchcock movie marathon. Some of his more famous movies include The Psycho, Vertigo and The Birds.
  • One of the unique things about Hitchcock’s movies is that he played a cameo role in most of them. So, while watching doing a Hitchcock movie marathon, play the spot-Hitchcock’s-cameo game. Whoever spots the most cameos wins.
  • Host an Alfred Hitchcock themed party. Decorate your venue with birds related props, serve your guests pecan pie (from Marnie), Moroccan tagine (from The Man Who Knew Too Much) and Chicken (from Notorious). Screen Murder Party, an episode from Alfred Hitchcock Presents for your guests.

Did You Know…

…that Alfred Hitchcock never won an Oscar in the Best Director category?

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