June 16, 2016 all-day

Celebrated annually on June 16, Bloomsday celebrates the life and times of Irish author James Joyce.

Bloomsday-Church View of James Joyce statue in Trieste, Italy. ©

View of James Joyce statue in Trieste, Italy.

The name and the date of this unofficial holiday comes from Joyce’s epic novel, Ulysses. Published in 1922 as a novel, the book follows Leopold Bloom, an advertising agent as he goes about his day in Dublin on June 16, 1904. According to some sources, June 16, 1904 is the date when Joyce met his future wife Nora Barnacle.

Controversial Book

Considered to be one of the most defining works of modernist literature, Ulysses courted controversy when it was first came out in serial form in the American literary magazine, The Little Review. It was banned in the United States and the United Kingdom until the mid 1930s.

Thought to have been first observed in 1924, fans of the novel re-enact the events that occur in the book as a way to celebrate this literary holiday.

How to Celebrate?

  • Participate in your local Bloomsday events.
  • If there aren’t any such events, what about organizing one of your own?
  • If you haven’t read the book or it has been a while since you last read the book, maybe it is time to get a copy and read it.

Did You Know…

…that James Joyce suffered from cynophobia or the irrational fear of dogs?

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