Lasagna Day

July 29, 2016 all-day

Who doesn’t love lasagna – the versatile and delicious dish made of layers of pasta or noodles, sauce, vegetables and meat? Celebrate it on July 29, Lasagna Day. The unofficial holiday of unknown origins is also known as National Lasagna Day in the United States

Lasagna-Day-Church Celebrate Lasagna Day by making a salmon lasagna. ©

Celebrate Lasagna Day by making a salmon lasagna.

Many Theories About Lasagna’s Origins

Many theories exist on how lasagna became one of the traditional dishes of Italy. According to one theory, lasagna came to Italy by the way of Greece – the word lasgna is close to the Greek work lasana, which means a trivet for a pot. Another theory suggests that the dish owes its origins to an English dish called Loseyn.

Wherever lasagna originated, however, it is clear that the addition of tomato sauce to the dish did not occur until the late 1500s. It was only after Christopher Columbus reached America in 1492, that tomatoes reached Europe.

How to Celebrate?

  • Take out your favorite lasagna recipe and make the dish for all your meals. What about an egg and bacon lasagna for breakfast, an eggplant lasagna for lunch and a classic lasagna for dinner? Make a dessert lasagna to end a prefect Lasagna Day. And don’t forget to share – your family and friends will love you forever!
  • We all love lasagna, but do you know who loves lasagna the most? Garfield – the comic cat known for his hatred for Mondays and diets and his love for food. Read Garfield comics and watch the Garfield television series to celebrate this awesome food holiday.

Did You Know…

…that lasagna is the singular for lasagne, a wide flat pasta? In recent years the terms are used both to refer to the pasta and the dish made with the pasta.


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