Look Alike Day

April 20, 2019 all-day

If you have ever been told that you look familiar or look like someone else, then Look Alike Day on April 20 is the holiday you should be celebrating.

Look Alike Day Fun Church Celebrate people who look like you. ©iStockphoto.com/_jure

Celebrate people who look like you.

Look Alike Day is a fun holiday invented to celebrate identical twins, clones, copycats and anyone else who you look like or who looks like you.

Dress Alike

The unofficial holiday with unknown origins encourages people to dress up and look like someone else. This person could be someone you look up to or a celebrity you are a fan of.

How to Celebrate?

  • If you know your look alike, spend the day with them. Dress up identically and copy each other’s mannerisms, and have fun with people struggling to tell you apart!
  • Find out what celebrity looks like you. Dress up like them, talk like them and walk like them. If it is a singer you look alike sing their songs the whole day long. If it is a author, then read out lines from their books every time you speak with someone.
  • If you are on social media websites change out your display picture and replace it with your look alike’s. Make sure you take permission from the owner of the picture before you do so.

Did You Know…

…that it is said that there are at least 7 people in the world who look like you?

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