Napping Day

March 14, 2016 all-day

Napping Day is an unofficial holiday that falls on the Monday after DST begins.

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Take a nap or two to celebrate Napping Day.

The day was created as a way to compensate for the hour people lose because of the clock change. But this is one holiday that most people can get behind..

Short Period of Sleep

A nap is a short period of sleep usually taken during the day. Studies have shown that one or more short naps during the day can help increase productivity and alertness. It is believed that many successful people in history napped often. Some of these people were Einstein, Winston Churchill, and Napoleon.

Many Short Naps a Day

Many animals are polyphasic sleepers. This means that they take multiple naps during the day. Until the invention of electricity and affordable artificial lighting, humans slept in at least two long stretches during the night. They first slept for about 4 hours. This was called first sleep. They then woke up for a few hours during which they smoked, visited their friends and ran other errands. They would then go back to sleep for what is now called the second sleep. This pattern of sleeping went out of fashion by the 17th century, as more and more people began to afford ways to artificially light up their homes after dark and in the early mornings.

How to Celebrate?

  • Take a short nap.
  • If your country does not observe DST, then follow the DST and Napping day schedule of another country. Why lose out on a holiday just because your country doesn’t have DST?

Did You Know…

…that a NASA study among pilots and astronauts found that short naps can increase performance by 34% and alertness by 54%?

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