Scrabble Day

April 13, 2016 all-day

April 13 is Scrabble Day, a day to celebrate the popular word board game created in 1938 by American architect Alfred Mosher Butts.

Scrabble Day Fun Church Challenge your family and friends to a battle of words on Scrabble Day. ©

Challenge your family and friends to a battle of words on Scrabble Day.

Scrabble is a board word game where 2 to 4 players place tiles each having an alphabet on a board such that the tiles form a word.

29 Languages

First marketed in the United States as Lixiko and Criss-Crosswords, the game is now so popular that it is sold around the word in 29 different languages!

The term, scrabble comes from the Dutch word, schrabbelen, meaning to struggle and scramble.

How to Celebrate?

  • Gather around with your family and friends and play scrabble.
  • Throw a scrabble themed party. Play a game of scrabble or two. Whoever wins takes home a thesaurus or a dictionary!
  • Like baking? Whip up a batch of scrabble tile cookies to serve at your scrabble party.
  • Have some extra scrabble tiles lying around? Use them to make some scrabble jewelry for the scrabble lovers in your life.
  • Don’t have time to play a real game of scrabble? Download one of the many scrabble word game apps out there and play while you are out and about. Just remember not to play when driving or operating heavy and dangerous machinery or when in a meeting!

Did You Know…

…that if you played the word Oxyphenbutazone in your next game of scrabble, you will make 1458 points as calculated by a Dan Stock of Ohio? Oxyphenbutazone is a medication used to treat arthritis and is the highest scoring single play word in scrabble.

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