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From The Cross - St Stephen's Church

From The Cross
Love overflowing….from the cross
Touching the hearts of the lonely and lost
Who could believe…a grace so profound
In you, dear Jesus, every life can be found


Hallelujah…Praise Lord Jesus
Victory’s won by our Savior and King
Hallelujah…Hear the angels laud him
Magnify his Holy name, we’ll forever sing
Fear is overcome…from the cross
Inspiring us to realize his sacrifice and cost
Who could understand…God’s living master plan
The Holy Spirit soon would live inside the hearts of man


Joys resplendent rays…now burst from the tomb
Like a beacon shining forth he draws us to his bosom
Who can deny…God’s love so freely given
Though unworthy we’ve stood, our souls will rise to heaven


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©  An Original Poem by Joanne W.  –  Jan 28, 2013