godspellFrom October 23rd until November 8th 2009 the Peninsula Players will be performing the musical “Godspell” at the Ridge Theatre, Claremont School and Mary Winspear Centre in Sidney.

The production includes an additional chorus, “The People” as in “God Save The People”, made up of representatives from church congregations on Saanich Peninsula.

One of our shows will be a fundraiser for the Saanich Peninsula Hospital and another will be free to students and staff of Claremont school.

An excellent cast has been chosen augmented by professional musical direction and accompaniment.  The Artistic Director/Designer of “Godspell” is Richard Mells, a man who has been associated with more than one hundred professional and community productions.

“Godspell” is not only a treasured Broadway and off Broadway classic, it has been performed to much approval at both the Vatican and the White House.  “Godspell” is an allegory – a symbolic reiteration of familiar parables from the New Testament.  The “Christ Figure” in our production will be a female actress who for the sake of clarity will be called “God’s Messenger”.

Being a peforming art piece, “Godspell” portrays universal messages of compassion, forgiveness, hypocrisy, community and the giving of one’s life for one’s beliefs.  Taking from the Biblical Christian text, the objective of “Godspell” is to enjoy a fresh exploration of the teachings of Jesus Christ.

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