Good Morning!

My devotion is about the grandeur of the sunrise and the sunset.

The glory of these events are mentioned often in the Bible as well as in literature. Genesis quotes God’s words: “Let there be light.” The darkness He called night. This morning the sun rose at 6:10 a.m. It will set at 8:54 tonight.

What a glorious gift from God! He showers us with this wonderful show each and every day.
Now, let’s just suppose for a moment that God’s sunrise and God’s sunset occurred only once a year. Imagine!……… How appreciative we’d all be!!…. However, our gracious and generous God provides His artistry every day! Isn’t that amazing?!

My fascination with God’s spectacular opening and closing started when my twin sister, Julia and I were growing up in Georgia, Kansas, Arizona, Minnesota, and Vermont. As a young air corps bride during World War II, I continued gazing at the sky from our one-room apartment in Oklahoma City.

Alberta offers a big sky! I don’t miss the North Carolina mountains that shielded the sky from view.

The glory of the sunrise and sunset are mentioned in the clever book and movie “Tea House of the August Moon”. It describes a jaunty group living in Japan who carry their chairs each night to face the western sky, watching the sun go down as they drink their tea. Enthralled by God’s handiwork!

This evening, if weather permits, let’s take our tea cups and sit outside at 8:54 to enjoy the sunset. Will you join me?

Thank you.

Let us close with the Lord’s Prayer~

by Frances Fletcher

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