To Heaven I’ve Been Led ©

angelPlease Mom and Dad don’t weep for me
As I’m with God and oh, so free
I’ve had the chance to love you so
You’ve had the chance to watch me grow

We’ve done some things together
And I’ve done some things apart
But know that I’m forever
Your daughter in your heart

So let me share with you once more
The paths that I have tread
And let me reaffirm with you
To Heaven I’ve Been Led

To Heaven I’ve been led
By God’s dear blessed son
In his warm arms I seem to know
My work on earth is done

I had the chance to count the stars
And ride on stormy seas
I had the chance to touch the bark
Of a majestic tree

I felt such joy to feel the wind
And smell a rose so sweet
I stood inside your garden
And saw plants curl round my feet

I learnt to laugh and love my friends
You helped me to be wise
Bus most of all as I reflect
God’s love shone through your eyes


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