I Am Waiting ©

An Original Poem by Jo Walker

I Am Waiting ©

I am waiting, quietly waiting
With my arms outstretched to you
Will you take your step towards me
Let me guide in all you do

Verse 1
Father I am soiled and dirty
Plagued by fears and doubts today
Hear my cry for mercy pleading
Shineyour light upon my way

Verse 2
Father in the dark I stumble
Mired by sin and foolish pride
Transform my spirit to your leading
Transform my life, in you abide

Verse 3
I am reaching upwards to you
Let my soul unhindered be
Resting on my saviour Jesus
Who gave me life on calvary’s tree

Verse 4
Thank you Father for your mercy
Thank you Father for your son
For the holy spirit’s teaching
Satan’s defeat and victory won

I Am Waiting © –  Jo Walker  Sep 11 2014