Keep Calm and Carry On © An Advent Devotion

keep calm“Keep Calm and Carry On” is quite a recognizable image seen on posters and tee-shirts these days. “Keep calm”…hmm… “carry on”…ah, yes!

‘PopPop’, my dear father-in-law, said time and again: “now is the time”. And now is the time. Advent is here and Christmas is coming. A holiest of seasons. People have started asking me if I’m ready for Christmas. Am I? I’ve put up one decoration so far and my mailbox is covered with a nativity scene. A Christmas pillow rests on the rocking chair. So, not really what you’d call ready.

However, we can be prepared because the God of Israel who sent his Son to be born in the most humble of conditions showed us His love. He taught us a different way to be ready, to keep calm, to carry on. He showed us through Jesus, born of a virgin in a stable, during a most unsettling time  A display of “Keep Calm and Carry On” road signs surely would have comforted a weary and tired mother-to-be as she bounced atop a donkey far from home with nowhere to give birth. Yet, somehow, I’ve never envisioned Mary as anxious. I’ve always pictured the mother of our Lord to be the epitome of calm throughout every storm.

But chaos, on the other hand, can be characterized as disordered confusion and anarchy. “Infinite space or formless matter before the universe existed” defines chaos as a second meaning.* We know where and whom chaos comes from and where it leads on its dark path of destruction. On any level, chaos creates anxiety and takes us away from our unique divine-inspired purpose.

By contrast, the light of the Christ-child shines on Advent and its road to Christmas seen through the lens of hope in the midst of calm. His star sheds an all-encompassing illumination of love.

Now is the time to grab hold of Advent, a Season of devotion, as we fight the good fight of our faith as calmly as possible. In truth and adoration.

Am I ready for Christmas? A very good question.

Dear Lord, prepare my heart, preserve my thoughts, ready my mind and search my soul. For You are the giver of Life in a sea of troubles. Calm my fears and walk me through faith to carry on. Ephesians 3:20
by D. Raborn 11/25/15
*Thorndike and Barnhart Comprehensive Desk Dictionary 1951 Doubleday and Company

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