His Amazing Grace ©


As I travel on the path of life,
It rocks me to and fro
Sometimes it’s so confusing
I don’t know which way to go.

But life’s a lesson every day
So close attention pay.
For the beauty of our lives, you see
Is what we learn each day!

Sometimes the pain can strike you down,
And make you wonder why,
But that pain can be a stepping stone,
To things that can’t be seen by eye.

For it’s inside your heart you see, the answer from inside….
That guides you through your darkest day,
And gives you wings to fly.

So take those wings and soar with them
For life’s to short to waste.
Don’t let decisions you must make
Fall very short from grace.

Trust in The Word, not what’s in sight,
To get you through your day.
The answer comes,
from in the heart,
And His amazing grace.

Author – Tammy Lynch Schuyler

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