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I feel genuinely compelled to spend time to write a thank you note. Not just any thank you note, mind you, a ‘real’ note, one worthy of focused thought and searched-for, meaningful words. This note, this necessary note, must be like none other I’ve ever written because there is a sense of need, a sense of purpose, and a sense of Soul to satisfy. This note, one to simply satisfy a deep sense of longing, must give gratitude. Gratitude beyond all understanding, all comprehension, all intellect. Gratitude that surges up from the depths of ones Soul and lingers like the pervading smell of freshly cut lilacs. Yes, I feel compelled today to say thank you. Properly and respectfully. With great awe.

These words should flow easily unto the paper before me. There is so much to say and yet …..And, yet where do I start in this awed letter of gratitude? The word ‘gratitude’, my Mac ‘dashboard’ zooms in to tell me, is a noun meaning ” the quality of being thankful, the readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness”. My fingers lay on the keyboard, sidelined as if they had just run a marathon and are now ‘spent’. I have nothing. But, the welling inside my Soul cries out with a fit of anguished desire to produce adequate words of thanks. Not praise. My search is for an authentic, appreciative ‘thank you’ rising above praised worship.

“What for, what are you thanking Me for?”, my Spirit softly speaks. Of course. Now my fingers fly as when the lid has been lifted from the jar of bottled lightening bugs in their flight at night. Concentrated thoughts gather in grateful circles of prayer acknowledging and remembering all those times He was with me. Times of joy and peace, times of despair and heartache. Times when I reached out and He answered and times when His gracious love comforted and encircled me. Thank you for being the Son of Man who listens and hears. In good times and in bad. Thank You.

Thank You for caring and loving me. When I’ve left You in the dust and forgotten You. When I haven’t cared or loved You, or cared for and loved those You came to protect on a planet that rejected You. Thank You. Thank You, Jesus. Yeshua.

No, this is not enough. I know no ‘ thank you ‘ could ever be enough. But, I really wish there was something that could convey sincerely my Soul’s sentiments. Mostly, I pray that my heart would grow to expand and hold the love that He so deserves. An impossible, albeit desired, prayer.

“What are you thanking Me for?” asks my serenely, silent Soul’s source once more. Again, this tugs at my heart in the way nothing else can. “What am I thanking Him for?” I hear resonating through layers of clouded, befuddled waves of brain. “Everything”, I think, “my everything.” “All things in the Universe and Heavenlies. All things.”

The need to clarify specifically as in a proper thank-you note braces itself and stops right in my lap. On my laptop to be transferred to font and print and placed in a card and sent somewhere to someone, sometime. Sometime soon.

“But, now is the time”, I consider, “now.” So, I write.

“My Thank You Note to Jesus”~

Dear Jesus: a note for You
My thanks are long overdue
In much appreciation
I write in affirmation
And with no affectation
A note to one who’s so true.

Thank You from my heart and Soul
All those times You did console.
I thank You for being there
As close as Your own Lord’s Prayer
In a love that can’t compare,
A love I’ll seek to extol.

Dear Jesus, I write to You,
As I hope faith to renew
In a world meant to distract,
A note to interact
With a Savior full of tact,
Kindness, mercy, through and through.

Thank You for my salvation
You have my adulation.
And for Your forgiving Grace
I bow low in my disgrace;
For my sins You did erase,
Thank You in adoration.

I appreciate Your time
I call, You come, it’s sublime.
You ‘read me’ like no-one can,
In my frayed attention-span,
With me, before time began,
Faith-walking an uphill climb.

I thank You for Your power,
An everlasting tower
Bringing hope to all who come,
No matter where we are from
Or what evils will succumb~
You are here for us each hour.

You brought Your divinity
In a blessed Trinity.
I bow down in thankful love
For this favour from above,
Precious sacred, morning dove.
Mutual affinity.

And Jesus, I must mention,
Your grace and kind attention,
Available now to all
Who humbly reach out and call
Your Name on their altar’s wall.
Praised thanks for Your ascension~

For interceding for me
On my behalf, praised thanks be
And glory, honour to You.
There’s no equivalent to
Your mercy, love and review.
Forever Your devotee~

In closing, some heart-felt prayers
For our Advocate; He cares
With a love unparalleled,
Guiding our Faith we’re propelled
Into His Kingdom, upheld
By His Grace, nothing compares~

So, please accept words of thanks
For One who tops all the ranks;
From one who’s undeserving,
But yearns to be unswerving
To become truly serving~
My appreciative thanks~

© dfr DFRaborn SDG 16 August 2010 From the book “Poems of the Lord’s Grace” by DFR

Thank you Diane – St Stephen’s Anglican Church

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