The Revolution of Easter ©

What I will call the Revolution of Easter began in an unexpected way. This design of the deity defied everything except that which is holy. It was simple and yet, at the same time, complex. A design such as man could barely comprehend and only in a vision of limited scope.

How can we measure a revolution of love in this totality? How can we stand up to the light of love’s power and not shield our eyes? This love whose power, reaching up and out, down and through, encompassing a divine relationship with the human soul, trembles. It trembles.

The Revolution of Easter marked a new beginning; a new covenant for earth’s undeserving. It was connecting beyond anything ever known since time began. Eden to Eden. The curtain fell. Literally and figuratively. The Ark of the Covenant was revealed to all. No longer was there atonement on only one day of the year. Redemption came in the quiet revolutionary manner for all who sought it. For all who seek it.

The Jesus Revolution introduced relationship with a holy deity who knows our hearts and yearns to be with us. Simple but complex. In retrospect, how could this perfect, sacred plan be so misunderstood? From the Tabernacle to the Temple. The Old Testament trumpeted it. The Psalms sang it. Jesus, the Word brought to life, proclaimed it. God’s glory revealed it. Simple but complex

This revolution was of the heart, mind, and Spirit. As in all revolutions which battle for the mind and soul of a being, the revolution heralded by our Lord sought a revival of repentance to usher in the Light of the world. The battle is in the mind. ‘About face’ toward Him who came in light and all manner of good. A good that is beyond all imaginings. Jesus had a heart for us at every turn. He has a heart for us today. His Spirit yearned for us and showed us grace, hope, mercy. He healed us. But, above all, He lived among us and still loved us. As He does today. Ever-present. In quiet revolution.

The Revolution of Easter on Passover has an unexpected ending. The King is mocked. The soldiers do not follow along. There is no coup and a fledgling group scatters. The synagogue curtain is torn from top to bottom as was foretold. The tabernacle of God came as His presence to reside in us. “Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men” Rev. 21:3 “It is finished.”( John 19): three simple words recorded the victory of life over death in a revolution for all ages. Holy is the Lamb.

In love’s revolution, Christ came back in real presence to reveal His wounds. He knew humans’ hearts and He proved the empty tomb. Time and again. History proclaimed the revolution through oral tradition; with the written word; by the willingness to die for the risen Lord; and, in the hearts of ‘man’.

The Revolution of Easter continues as the wind, fire, and water. It cannot be contained and cannot be denied. It is a sweet breeze, an all-consuming blaze, and a refreshing and fluid oasis. Easter’s revolution is alive. He is Risen. ( Mark 16:6 )

© DFR, Soli Deo Gloria 26 March 2010 from the book “ Risen: Beyond the Cross ” by DFR

Thank you Diane – St Stephen’s Anglican Church