The Smile ©

The smile has been described as the mirror of a person’s soul.

In this respect there is something spiritual about the smile for it transcends the passage of time to be remembered long after the person has left us, or in the case do a stranger, simply passed us on the street.

One will speak about a person as having a captivating smile for the smile spells closeness, but at the same time spreads itself, gathering power like a rolling wave.

The smile can also register or denote suffering and the two are often closely intertwined. The greater the suffering the more penetrating, all-embracing the smile. Then the smile appears to carry and assuage the pain, acting as a counterpoise while at the same time hiding it from others.

A haunting memory can lay hid behind the smile bestowed to linger on down so many years when the person’s very name is long forgot.

The great power beneath the simple smile to so transfix itself upon another has been observed on rare occasion with a patient who is terminally ill, the condemned convict before mounting the scaffold.

Then the smile so given surpasses every smile before to tell of a secret none of us can even begin to share.

Which begs the question asked of every age: “Oh death where is thy victory?” “Oh death where is thy sting?”

For the smile becomes the bridge o’er which the soul itself passes quietly to another world.

Martin Poels

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