A Brief History of St Stephen’s Anglican Church

St Stephens Anglican

On February 11, 1862 William Thomson deeded five acres of his land to the Right Reverend George Hills, Bishop of British Columbia, for the purpose of building a church and a school. On June 3rd of the same year, the church held its dedication and first service with the Bishop, Rt. Rev. George Hills and Priest, Rev. Richard Lowe officiating. St. Stephen’s was later consecrated by Bishop Hills. St. Stephen’s Church is the oldest church in British Columbia used continuously as a place of worship since its construction. In 1984 the church was designated a Heritage Building by the District of Central Saanich. For over 150 years now, St. Stephen’s has been a place of refuge and rest. Generation after generation have come here to worship. Pioneers of our beautiful Mount Newton Valley have made St. Stephen’s their faith home and had their burials in our cemetery. With cremation becoming the standard in today’s burial practices, many have chosen to be interred in family plots enabling us to make wise use of our cemetery land.


St. Stephen’s

St. Stephen’s Parish family is relatively small yet active in our faith community, the Ecumenical community and in Outreach both local and international. We worship in the Anglican tradition with two different services. One is from the Book of Common Prayer (BCP) and the second using contemporary music and the Book of Alternative Services (BAS). We have many activities that help build fellowship and encourage growth. We welcome any inquiries for involvement in our faith life and service. Top