The Sacred Triduum

Pulpit Crucifix: Canterbury Cathedral

Pulpit Crucifix: Canterbury Cathedral

The last three days of Holy Week are called the Sacred Triduum, the three holy days.

We can look at this period from three perspectives:

These days bring to a climax and conclusion our preparation for Easter.

The season of Lent has pointed us in this direction.

Now we enter the Holy of Holies so to speak – where Christ our great high priest offers himself on the cross for sinful humanity.

These three days are already a part of Easter; for there is an inseparable union between the death of Christ and his resurrection. The two together constitute the Paschal Mystery.

Easter Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ

Geoffrey Rowell is the Bishop of Gibraltar for the Diocese in Europe (Church of England)

Bishop Geoffrey Rowell

Without Easter, without the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ from the dead, there would be no Christian Church.

All that we do, all that we are as Christians springs from this stupendous event in which the love of God in Christ leaps from the grave to the heights of heaven and draws us into the hope and joy and eternal life of a new creation.

In a powerful phrase the great seventeenth-century Anglican bishop, Lancelot Andrewes, writes that “his resurrection was a second birth, Easter a second Christmas.”

Our God, The Giver Of Gifts. © D. Raborn

advent candlesOur God, the giver of gifts.

During the past few weeks of Advent, the candles of Peace, Hope, and Joy have been lit.

In four days we will light the Advent candle of love.  Peace, Hope, Joy, Love.

Don’t we all yearn for these God-given gifts in our lives?

The Holy Spirit, our Comforter, helps us to keep these sacred gifts of Peace, Hope, Joy, and Love in our Soul and to use them appropriately and abundantly.

As with any gifts received, a thankful and appreciative heart brings us closer to the gift-giver.  

Our God, the giver of gifts.