A Hill to Die On © D. Raborn

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Hill of Crosses (click to enlarge)

It’s not a hill to die on” is an expression my husband introduces to me early in our marriage. Although, over the years he shares a treasure-trove of expressions from his childhood, I’d never heard that one. And, it’s true. When you think about it, there are so many instances when one can and should refrain from entering the melee. Not every situation needs our immediate, individual attention and direction. This is, indeed, an important life lesson and learned leadership skill.

I’m Happy Today

I’m Happy Today – 3 year old sweetie. 

I’m Happy Today

I’m happy today, I’m happy today.
In Jesus Christ I’m happy today
Because He’s taken all my sins away
And that’s why I’m happy today.

I’m praying today, I’m praying today.
In Jesus Christ I’m praying today
Because He’s taken all my sins away
And that’s why I’m happy today.

I’m singing today, I’m singing today.
In Jesus Christ I’m singing today
Because He’s taken all my sins away
And that’s why I’m happy today.

Leaving Home, Finding a Place © D. Raborn

“bloom where you’re planted”

“bloom where you’re planted”

It is just seconds after take-off on a flight out of a growing metropolitan area when a new mother with infant watches her beloved homeland fade away. Her petite mom grows smaller on the tarmac; but the beige scarf she holds can still be seen fluttering in a fervent wave.

Alone on an empty row with her sweet baby son nestled in her arms, tears begin to flow in a slow, feverish descent. The outpouring quickens, trampling down her face as uncontrollable sobs shake her small frame.

This woman is me and I’ve clearly lost my place.

“Is everything all right? What can I do to help?” the kind United co-pilot kneeling in the aisle beside me asks.

“I-I’m m-mov-ing t-to Can-Can-a-da” I stutter while sobbing.

God ’s Presence

God ’s Presence ©  by Diane Raborn


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It is always thrilling to feel the presence of God. There are few things that can rival the incredible joy of a moment filled with the surety that God has captured our complete attention. Indescribably invading our senses we are left stunned.

This must be one of the reasons we observe the mighty fight of faith ongoing in faraway, dangerous regions. These Christ-followers seem to hold on without wavering. And the faithful know whom they are following, why they are following and where they are going. There is no agenda to their belief system other than to walk with the Lord, their Savior and most trusted friend, on life’s everyday path. Glorious glimpses of God have invaded in such fullness that turning away is unthinkable. They pray and have courage. We should too.
Our nagging doubts, which pervade everyday thoughts, have a unique ability. They are able to lead us to remembrances of times past when God touched us, thereby offering a rekindling of Spirit and resolve. If repressed, forgotten and agreed upon nagging doubts win by illusion. Reflecting upon those treasured ‘Holy Spirit moments’ diffuse doubts and encourage faith, often resulting in stories to be passed along throughout the generations.

One such story is embroidered on my heart.