Volunteer of the Month ~ April 2008

Sandy Ormiston locking up for the night.Sandy O. at St. Stephen’s Church in Saanichton, off Mt. Newton X Road has been opening and closing the Church every day for over 25 years.

Apparently there was some trouble with young people going into the church and using it to party.

Vestry wished to close the Church during the week, but Sandy felt very strongly that Churches should be kept open during the week for prayer if needed.

The Rector at the time said that if Sandy felt so strongly that he should open and close it himself.

The Rector thought that Sandy’s view would weaken after a week, but over two and half decades later, Sandy is still going down to the Church each morning and every evening, to unlock and lock the church.

And, when you visit, Sandy is able to give you an amazing historical and colourful account of not only the church but the cemetery as well which is one of the most beautiful and peaceful cemeteries around.

Thank you Sandy!! Your dedication & devotion are greatly appreciated!!!

The Diocesan Post, April, 2008


St Stephen’s Special Event ~ Sept 2009

st_stephens_anglican_church_frontThe Bishop’s Gospel Choir of British Columbia at St Stephen’s Anglican Church.

Join us in the Church on

Sunday September 20th, 2009 at 4:00 pm

The Bishop’s Gospel Choir is 40 member, mixed voice, choir (with children) drawn from Anglican congregations across the Greater Victoria area. The Choir sits within the congregation, during the service, to provide singing support.

For more information, please click here


Vacation Bible Study for Preschoolers ~ July 2010


St. Stephen’s Church is pleased to have been chosen as the location for a Vacation Bible Study for Preschoolers.

Look forward to learning about God with Veggie Tale themes and characters.

Lessons will include Bible heroes and focus on God’s plan for us through Love and Forgiveness.

Join Katherine and Chantal for this fun filled veggie-adventure featuring bible stories, crafts, Veggie-Tale skits, videos, games, musical activities and fun with musical instruments.

Veggie Tales – This Little Light Of Mine.mp3

[audio:Veggie Tales – This Little Light Of Mine.mp3]


Registration & Information:

call Katherine at 250-744-5056 or

Chantal at 250-652-1038 or

e-mail afcarlso@shaw.ca.

DATES: JULY 13 – 14 – 15

TIME: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm


** Please bring a sandwich & water bottle. Lots of veggies, fruits and snacks provided.

“But, There’s Nothing I Can Do”

There's nothing my God cannot doHave you ever thought: “but, there is nothing I can do” ? Have you heard this discouraging remark from family, friends or colleagues?

Oftentimes, this sentiment is duly magnified and projected unto our unique screen plays, playing out in HD video. Replaying itself on our human hard drive where logic and reality rarely intersect. “There’s nothing I can do”, we say.

We often feel, quite genuinely, that there is no realistic avenue to pursue that would solve our current crisis or ongoing problems. Inability and inactivity to solve the quandary leads potentially to slips on an ever-progressing slippery slope. “There’s nothing I can do”, we maintain as we throw up our hands and let down our guard.

Amazing Together ~ March 2009

Anglican video depicts a united, faithful church

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December, 2008 – What started as an orientation exercise for a national communications committee has turned into an unprecedented display of unity and generosity by thousands of members of the Anglican Church of Canada in congregations right across the country.