This is the Expectation that is Advent

Advent - St Stephens ChurchThis is the Expectation that is Advent © by Diane Raborn

Sunday, November 30th, in the year of our Lord 2014, ushers in the start of Advent in our liturgical calendar.
It is a time of hope. expectation, and waiting. Intentionally and purposefully.
But, most significantly, with the childlike imagination and joy that radiates throughout this meaningful Season.

A Transforming Moment in Time ~

Angels - St Stephens ChurchWhat would have to occur to stop you in your tracks?

Do you think that there would be anything in this ‘cynical, show me only what I already know and believe’ world that could be termed a transformative and pivotal moment?

Something outside the ordinary and beyond all imagination. Something to literally take your breath away.

Something or someone.

False Evidence Appearing Real ~

Fear ~ False Evidence Appearing Real

Fear ~ False Evidence Appearing RealA Reflection by D F Raborn

Good Morning ~

It’s a wonderful morning to be alive in God’s grace. And His grace is why we’re here. Christ tells us we will have trouble in this world. God’s grace is why we can find joy even when trouble finds us.

My grandfather used to sing this Gospel Spiritual ‘Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen’ when my mom, Frances, was growing up. The arrangement is by Harry Douglas and was made famous by the New Orleans Jazz legend, Louis Armstrong. This rendition is by the late, great Sam Cooke.

Great and Glorious Gargantuan Gastronomic Garlic Gala and Extravaganza

St Stephen’s Church Hall


A Pot Luck Dinner/ Fund raiser for Hilda Shilliday’s next Mission to Mengo.

garlic st stephens anglican churchSaturday, Oct. 4 at 6:00 p.m.

Bring your favorite Garlic Dish or Dessert

Spaghetti, Lasagna, Perogies, Humus, Bagna Cauda………,

Garlic will be sold by the pound at the Gala

There are 15 varieties of Garlic available, all grown in our own Heritage gardens: Chesnok Red, German Red, Georgian Fire, Korean Red, Music, Northern Quebec, Per-sian Star, Puslich, Romanian Red, Russian Red, Susan Delafield, Tai, Tibetan, Tuscany Red, Yugoslavian

Suggested Admission:
$10.00 ea. or $15.00 per couple (family)
Plus one Garlic Dish or Dessert

For more information please contact Don Wilson or email

I Am Waiting ©

An Original Poem by Jo Walker

I Am Waiting ©

I am waiting, quietly waiting
With my arms outstretched to you
Will you take your step towards me
Let me guide in all you do

Verse 1
Father I am soiled and dirty
Plagued by fears and doubts today
Hear my cry for mercy pleading
Shineyour light upon my way

Blessing of the Animals at St Stephen’s Church

St Francis of Assisi - St Stephen's Church Blessing of the Animals

St Francis of Assisi

Sunday, August 10th, 2014 at 2 p.m

The Outdoor Service will include music, prayers, and readings from scripture, as well as the blessing of each animal that attends.

All animals should be brought in carriers or on leashes.

St. Stephen’s Anglican Church
7921 St. Stephen Road (off Mt Newton X Road)
Saanichton, BC