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1. In Jesus’ hand

2. An Abiding Love

3. Christ in my Life

4. God on a Mountain Pass

5. Angels ‘in Hospital’


What is a “pocket” testimonial?

It is not necessarily a full-life testimony but a portion of one’s life where God has intervened and helped through tough times.

In this sense, pocket is more like a symbolic word. Sometimes it’s easier to give a copy of a testimonial, (kept in a pocket, bible or on a website), rather than sharing it verbally. One then has the freedom to reflect upon what is written in their own time and in a relaxed environment.

Why a “pocket” testimonial?

God wants to become a part of everyone’s life. An individual testimony is a powerful witness from an open heart, as prompted by the Holy Spirit.

These testimonies are a communicative tool that God uses to globally draw people together and any inspirational testimony would be accessible 24/7.

Knowing that others have survived similar challenges can provide strength and hope to the reader. A new perspective is gained which is empowering to the soul and in turn to one’s relationship with God.


A Favorite Hymn


A Special Message

God loves each of us more than we can ever know. He wants us to experience a life rich in meaning and purpose according to his divine plan. To that end he sent Jesus, his only Son, down to earth to to offer everlasting life to all those who choose to believe in him. He willingly died, after leading a blameless life, for the sins of the whole world. Jesus is our holy redeemer and living Lord of all.

It is hoped that the pocket testimonial(s) you read will encourage you in your walk towards Jesus and know that his arms are outstretched to you. He is waiting and when you decide to seek him, you will find him and your life will be forever changed.

If you’ve already accepted Jesus as your personal savior, perhaps you would like to share three experiences (representing the trinity) of how your faith was strengthened and how God and Jesus made, or continues to make, a difference in your life and of your family.

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