“Surprised by Hope”, N. T. Wright

What is the resurrection of Jesus all about? How do we know that it actually happened? What does it tell us about our world and what will ultimately happen to it? What does it mean to our lives? Where does the church fit into all of this?

Surprised by hope NT Wright St Stephens ChurchThe Parish of Central Saanich, using the St. Mary’s facilitites and led by Rev Rob Szo, is offering a very special six week course based on the book “Surprised by Hope”, as written by the leading New Testament scholar of our day N T Wright.

Each week there will be a video of a talk given by N T Wright and followed up with a discussion of the topic for that week.

Here is the link to the biography of N. T. Wright and our poater.

Bio http://ststephensanglican.net/?page_id=5643
N T Wright poster

Also by clicking on “New Topics” on that page you will be able to watch some “You Tube” videos featuring Wright on various topics which will give you a taste of what you will be able to experience on this course.

This course is intended for anyone who wants to gain an increased understanding of the Christian faith as told by someone who is not only a New Testament scholar but who is also a first century historian specializing in the world that Jesus lived, taught and died in.

If you know of any place where you would be able to put of a poster in order to make as many people as possible aware of this opportunity please make a copy of this N T Wright poster and put it up in any appropriate location.