Mission study: Engaging in God’s Mission

Get warmed up for Vision 2019 by leading or joining a study on “Engaging in God’s Mission.” This six-session study is organized according to the five Marks of Mission, mission priorities used widely around the Anglican Communion. Each session includes scripture, a theological reflection, a story of Anglican mission, and stimulating discussion questions.

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It’s the future – and you get to help create it!

Fred wants to hear from YOU!

Fred wants to hear from YOU!

Vision 2019 is a church-wide exercise for all  ages – especially youth – to discern, dream, and decide where we think God is calling us to be as the Anglican Church of Canada in 2019. Your voice is needed!

The results will be shared at our next national meeting, General Synod 2010. There are two ways to get involved:

1. Learn about the Marks of Mission,  an inspiring model for our church’s own mission and future.

You can either start or join a mission study on the five Marks of Mission, or you can discover what General Synod is doing in support of these goals.

2. Tell us your story! All Canadian Anglicans are invited to respond to the two-part question, “Where is your church now, and where do you think the Anglican Church of Canada should be in 2019?” Submissions are welcome in many media-video, text, even phone messages. Learn more here.

It’s only with your eyes, your ideas, and your input that we can get Vision 2019 into focus. So join in!

Oh, and hey, here’s a challenge – be a dreamer and visionary – It’s called VISION 2019, not LAMENTATION 2019 or MOANING-AND-GRIPING 2019.

Don’t rant about all the things you think are wrong with the church.  Yeah, we all know.  Be creative and let’s talk about how AWESOME the church will be, and how we should get there.  Whiners never change the world.

Youth from the Diocese of Montreal made a video of their inspiring vision.

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