A Visitor Comments

On two occasions recently I have visited St. Stephen’s Church and churchyard.

The first time was with Shutterbugs, a photography club I belong to and the second time was with two friends from the club who were unable to come the first time.

On both occasions I was captivated by the beauty, simplicity, peacefulness of this magical place. The second time was Good Friday, a partially sunny day but quite chilly.

We were very fortunate to meet Sandra Garrard, who was happily decorating the church for Easter. Sandra invited us inside for tea and hot chocolate, Harrods’ tea and Purdy’s chocolate, even a cookie!

The point of this email is to thank Sandra for her kindness and generosity. We were all very appreciative of her thoughtfulness.

I know I will be back, even though I was raised as a Presbyterian. I have to thank somebody for bringing me to this corner of Heaven.

Thank you.

Noreen G.

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