What Does Heaven Look Like?

“For many years now for the church in the western world, the word heaven has been used for the place that we go to, ultimately, and there’s been lots of speculation about that.

But in the new testament, the ultimate destination for the whole world, is that God is going to renew it, and bring heaven and earth together into one, in a great act of cosmic renewal and redemption.

And that means when we think about heaven itself or where people go immediately after they die, the bible doesn’t actually give us very much clue about that. Little hints and guesses here and there. And it says, no, that’s fine, but the real thing is what happens after that.

This is what I call the after, after life. It’s not just the after life which we don’t know very much about. We’re told we’re going to be looked after.

God will keep us safe. Paul says, my desire is to depart and be with Christ, which is far better. But the question is what is after that?

That’s where resurrection and new creation are the really important thing.”