What is Purgatory?

“Purgatory is different because, purgatory in traditional catholic theology was always a gloomy, dark strange place. Today, people sometimes talk about it, in terms of, well actually, purgatory is where the love of God finally heals us of all our problems, etc.

In biblical theology, it is death itself that finishes off that which needs to be finished off. So that, after death, there is nothing more that needs to be sorted out and finished off.

What you’re left with after death, if you’re a christian, baptized, in-dwelt by the Spirit, what you’re left with then is the real you. Or however you want to describe it as a soul or whatever.

But waiting to be complete by being given a new body. I think actually that purgatory is a good metaphor for being a Christian in the present is. That is, a struggle to be holy. A struggle to finish off whats still bad about us. The suffering that goes with that, with the world as we know it.

That’s why Dante’s purgatory is the most popular of his trilogy because we know that place. That’s where we live.”