What Is The Paradise Jesus Speaks Of On The Cross?

“Paradise is an ancient Persian word that means, Garden. A lovely beautiful garden. And it’s a word that was in common use at the time to mean a place of rest and refreshment and delight. But it’s not the ultimate destination.

And you can see that from Luke’s gospel already. Jesus says, Today, you will be with me in paradise. Now wait a minute, that’s Good Friday. Is that the end of the story for Jesus? No it isn’t. 3 days later, Easter day, Jesus is raised from the dead. He’s the beginning of God’s new world.

But in the mean time, he has been in this resting place in paradise. Now that gets complicated, because the Bible also says, that Jesus went to Hades, to preach to the spirits in prison. Which is a very strange passage.

But the clear thing is that, paradise is the temporary, beautiful, blissful place, before the final moment.”