A Transforming Moment in Time ~

Angels - St Stephens ChurchWhat would have to occur to stop you in your tracks?

Do you think that there would be anything in this ‘cynical, show me only what I already know and believe’ world that could be termed a transformative and pivotal moment?

Something outside the ordinary and beyond all imagination. Something to literally take your breath away.

Something or someone.

Have you ever known anyone who’s had such an experience? Perhaps somebody in your family or a close colleague or friend. They all have one common theme. They talk, write and, in any way humanly possible, communicate this changing event in their lives to any and all who will hear and accept their recollections.

They will talk of the exact moment when this momentous incident took place. Most remember precisely the date, time and surrounding circumstances.

Something else is a common factor among those who’ve been forever changed by an extraordinary happening. Nothing will ever sway them to deny the occurence, no, not anything. Not peer pressure, not taunting, not time-worn methods, no, not even chocolate. For, you see, even those who were once stalwart skeptics will be affected by this, the amazing.

At 10:31 pm on Sunday, October 23rd 2011 I saw an angel in ICU isolation on the 4th floor of the University of Alberta Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta. It is an event that it is just as real today as it was on that transformative Sunday. It will be forever remembered. I have spoken about it, written about it and kept it in my everyday heart.

Only two words truly suffice: indecribable, transformative. However, I’ll continue attempting to describe this transformative episode whenever the opportunity arises to all who want me to share. And a few who don’t. I cannot alter the fact that a supernatural moment in time presented itself to an ordinary woman, a mother, during a period of adversity.

An angel came.  An angel transformed.  Life will never be the same.

© by Diane Raborn, BA 4 October 2014