Blessing of the Animals at St Stephen’s Church – A Past Perfect Event

St Francis of Assisi - St Stephen's Church

St Francis of Assisi

Sunday, August 9th, 2015 at 2 p.m

Our outdoor Service includes music, prayers, and readings from scripture, as well as the blessing of each animal that comes.

All animals should be brought in carriers or on leashes.

St. Stephen’s Anglican Church
7921 St. Stephen Road (off Mt Newton X Road)  Saanichton, BC

Each animal will receive a Personal Blessing from one of our priests and a signed Blessing Certificate.

Churches around the world celebrate what St. Francis of Assisi apparently started almost 800 years ago: blessing our animals. Francis taught that human beings are only one of a myriad of creations of God and all are blessed.

The Blessing of the Animals service at St Stephen’s honours the tradition of connecting to community through a shared love and respect for all of God’s creatures.

Free admission …you won’t be disappointed. Guaranteed or your money back!

And once Blessed by one of our professional clergy, your Pet will be oh so well behaved, you’ll think you came home with the wrong animal… lol…

Don’t believe me?? Check this out!!

Click here for our Kit Cat Boogie Invitation

Still uncertain??

The Top 10 Reasons To Come!

So please join us on Sunday August 09 at 2:00 pm. Rain or Shine.

Abundant Blessings,

Al G. – Head Poop Scooper
Blessing of the Animals at St Stephen’s Church