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Get out of the boat.

This is the story of Peter and the disciples, and being on a boat in a storm and walking on the water. It’s told in the gospel of Matthew. Many of you know this story.

Spiritual Kids are Healthier, Research Finds

Like adults, kids who are more spiritual or religious tend to be healthier.

praying-hands-childThat’s the conclusion of Dr. Barry Nierenberg, Ph.D., ABPP, associate professor of psychology at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, who has been studying the relationship between faith and health.

Amazing Together

More than 500 of about 2,000 congregations that make up the Anglican Church of Canada responded to a request to come together in song

When Is It Time To Leave My Church?

Christopher Page – When Is It Time To Leave My Church?
There are those in the Anglican Church of Canada who have concluded that the talking is over.

10 Spiritual Principles of Church Health

Church growth and church health are related concerns but deal with different agendas. Church growth requires a sensitivity to the organizational dynamics of planning, communicating, motivating, controlling. Church health requires a sensitivity to the spiritual dynamics of service, holiness, outreach, and worship.

How To Grow A Small Church

You know, Bruce, I’ve been in this church for 50 years, but over the past 20 years the number attending church has declined and we are getting older. If we keep on going at this rate it won’ t be long before we have to close the door. How can we increase the number of people attending our church?