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Memories of Uncle Mike

Bury me in an old pine box, in a fleece-lined sweater and cozy wool socks
With the memories of years before, to take with me to heaven’s door

Wkly Prayer / Psalm 66 / 2 Co 9:6-11

2014-01-17 : La joie de notre coeur est en Dieu + Psalm 66 / 2 Co 9:6-11 / All my heart lies open / Prayer by Brother Alois / Tui amoris

Wkly Prayer / Jn 15:13-17 / Kyrie eleison 6

2014-01-02 Strasbourg : Alleluia slava tiebie Bože / Jn 15:13-17 / Kyrie eleison 6 with prayer of intercession / Prayer by Brother Alois / Wysławiacie Pana

Homily – Rev. Gil Shoesmith 12/08/13

Please pray with me: Heavenly Father, PLEASE, send your Holy Spirit upon all those gathered here today and demonstrate to us that You, God, are working in our midst and we pray that you would open our hearts and our minds to the concept that the Kingdom of Heaven IS at hand. In the Name of Jesus, AMEN.

Wkly Prayer / Psalm 122 / Mt 7:7-14

2013-11-24 : Alleluia slava tiebie Bože / Alleluia 17 + Psalm 122 / Mt 7:7-14 / Bendigo al Señor / Prayer by Brother Alois / Laudate Dominum

Weekend retreat at St Mary’s and St Stephen’s

Sermon on the mount. Weekend retreat at St Mary’s and St Stephen’s. Our guest speaker at this special event was Bruce Smith wqho talked about our calling as disciples, as we follow Jesus.

The Misty Morn ©

“The peace which passeth all understanding”,
The Love,
The Comfort,
The Indescribable –
Time alone with my Lord.