International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day

February 23, 2019 all-day

February 23 is Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day. Show your appreciation for your furry canine friends by spoiling them with their favorite dog biscuits. international-dog-biscuit-appreciation-day-fun-heritage

Dog biscuits, or dog bread as they were known then, have been part of human-canine history since Roman times.

Bad Bread

For a large part of history dog bread was considered bad, low quality bread unfit for human consumption.

It is thought that modern day dog biscuits were created by American inventor James Pratt sometime in the 19th century.


Today, there are hundreds of types of dog biscuits, many of which claim that they can help maintain your dog’s oral health by acting as a “toothbrush” cleaning the dog’s teeth.

The origins of this holiday are unknown, and it is also known as Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day or National Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day in the U.S.

How to Celebrate?

  • They say that a dog is a man’s best friend – they shower you with unconditional love and are always there for you. So, give your dog all your love on Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day.
  • Treat your dog with his or her favorite biscuits. Better still, bake them at home – they will surely appreciate it!

Did you Know…

…that dogs can express about 100 types of expressions using mostly their ears?

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