Tortilla Chip Day

February 24, 2016 all-day

Honor the tortilla chip – the carrier of delicious dips – on February 24, Tortilla Chip Day. tortilla-chip-day-fun-heritage

Tortilla chips were first popularized as a way to reuse misshapen tortillas by Rebecca Webb Carranza whose family owned the Los Angeles based El Zarape Tortilla Factory in the 1940s.

Seved With Dip

Today tortilla chips accompanied with some form of a dip is now a staple party dish.

Usually made of fried yellow corn tortillas, tortilla chips can be served with dips like salsa, guacamole or spicy guacamole. It can be incorporated in a more elaborate dish with cheese and sour cream like nachos.

How to Celebrate?

  • Have tortilla chips for all your meals today – have tortilla chip cereal for breakfast, crush them into your salad at lunch and have nachos for dinner.
  • Try making your own tortilla chips at home.

Did You Know…

…that tortilla chips and salsa are Texas’ state snack?

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