Umbrella Day

February 10, 2019 all-day

February 10 is Umbrella Day, so honor the humble umbrella for shielding you from the elements all year long. Umbrellas can make the rain more fun.umbrella-day-fun-heritage

Umbrellas have always been a part of human history, though in ancient times they were used only by the nobility and by the rich. In many cultures, umbrellas were used as part of religious ceremonies and rituals.

Fashion Accessory

In the 18th century, umbrellas became a popular women’s fashion accessory and by the end of the 19th century, umbrellas had become a household item. It is thought that Englishman Jonas Hanway was the first male Londoner to carry an umbrella and that he was responsible for the popularity of umbrellas as an accessory among men in Europe and elsewhere.

More Practical

Today, with advances in technology, umbrellas have become smaller, lighter, easier to carry and more resilient to wind and strong rain. A majority of umbrellas in the market these days are manufactured in in the China.

Although umbrellas are sometimes also called parasols, parasols may not always be waterproof and are usually used to shield people from the Sun rather than rain.

The holiday is also known as National Umbrella Day in the United States

How to Celebrate?

  • Check the weather in your location and bring out your coolest umbrella to accessorize your outfit.
  • Go to the beach, and relax under your beach umbrella while having a drink with an umbrella in it.
  • Learn more about the history and the science behind umbrellas.

Did You Know…

…that some people believe that opening an umbrella indoors is considered to bring bad luck?

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