World Compliment Day

March 1, 2019 all-day

March 1 is celebrated as World Compliment Day, a day that aims to address the “basic human need for recognition and appreciation”. world-compliment-day-fun-heritage

Started in the Netherlands by Hans Poortvliet in 2001, the day is now celebrated in many European countries including Norway and Belgium.

Spread Joy and Positivity

According to the official website of the unofficial holiday, Poortvliet created the day as a way to spread happiness and increase productivity. The website encourages people to use words instead of gifts as a way to praise and appreciate people. The idea is to create the “most positive day in the world”.

How to Celebrate?

  • Pay compliments to everyone you meet.
  • Appreciate family, coworkers and friends for their hard work and for being there in your life.

Did You Know…

…that there is a similar holiday, Compliment Day that is annually celebrated on January 24?

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