In Jesus Precious Name ©

In Jesus Precious Name
We pray our hearts to tame~
To take away the cold
And bring us to His fold,
Since this is why He came.
So, we pray in His Name;
In this we can be bold.

Jesus’ Name carries weight~
In Him, we cannot hate.
His grace given for all,
Helping us to stand tall~
His love is in our fate;
It is never too late
To answer His true call.

Do you want to be filled,
With your field of sin tilled?
Are you thirsty for Him?
He’ll fill you to the brim.
For you, His blood was spilled;
So now be Spirit-filled
With gracious awe in Him.

In Jesus Name we pray.
There’s so much more to say.
My heart is filled with love
Thinking of Him above,
And in our hearts today.
With prayer-to-prayer relay,
In peace we spread His dove.

In Jesus we proclaim
Our love to shout His Name.
To come, to bow, to praise
To the One God did raise~
Who has taken our shame
To shepherd us the same~
The lamb of God, our phrase.


In Jesus Precious Name
For us, is why He came~
To fill our empty hearts
To make us whole, not parts~
In Jesus Precious Name,
Ever always the same~
To still our stormy hearts~
Now we shout to proclaim!
In Jesus Precious Name~

by D F Raborn, B.A.
31July 2008 drf©

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