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Jesus Incognito

It’s the story of two disciples who, travelling back from Jerusalem to the village of Emmaus in the days immediately following the crucifixion of Jesus.

Weekend retreat at St Mary’s and St Stephen’s

Sermon on the mount. Weekend retreat at St Mary’s and St Stephen’s. Our guest speaker at this special event was Bruce Smith wqho talked about our calling as disciples, as we follow Jesus.

Messages From The Heart

the founder of St Stephen’s, William Thomson’s survival through perseverance and his determination to praise God with a dedication in 1862 in what is now British Columbia’s oldest Church.

Easter Sunday (Tri-homily) 03/31/13

Happy Easter, as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and his victory over sin and death. The sermon today is presented in three parts by The Reverend Robert Szo, our rector, by The Reverend Gil Shoesmith, our Deacon, and by Nathan Mantey, our Youth and Family worker.

Advent 2012 ©

A Reflection by D. Raborn on our Loving Shepherd page.The Year of our Lord 2012 is drawing to a close as Advent is ushered in on 12-2-12, the beginning of our liturgical calendar year.

Men and women such as these ~

A Devotion by D. Raborn on our Loving Shepherd page. Devotions – Loving Shepherd – St Stephen’s Anglican Church. Today my devotion is about everyday people, men and women like us, who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances. I hope this reflection may also help us to express Christ’s way to those unbelievers who cross our paths.

O Sacred Head, Now Wounded

Today is Good Friday.

How can the worst day in human history be described as good?

This is the day that Our Lord was crucified. It is the day he hung on the cross for all our sins.

It is the day of darkness at noon.

In Jesus Precious Name ©

In Jesus Precious Name
We pray our hearts to tame~
To take away the cold
And bring us to His fold,
Since this is why He came.
So, we pray in His Name;
In this we can be bold.